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Homeowner, Dwelling and Renter's Insurance

Homeowner's insurance will protect the home you live in, a home you own and rent to others, a condo, or simply your belongings when you rent.

This insurance protects your dwelling (the building), your personal property (such as furniture and clothes), living expenses in case of a loss, and your personal legal liability.  It can also provide replacement cost on contents, water and sewer backup coverage, coverage for your screen enclosure, fences and other structures on your property and other optional coverages.

Flood Insurance

Damage to your home due to flooding is not covered under any homeowner's insurance in the state of Florida.  Flood insurance is available through the National Flood insurance Program and private insurers to help individuals protect against this kind of damage.

Auto, Boat, Motorcycle, RV Insurance

Whether it's your car in your garage, a motorcycle in the driveway, a boat on the seas or an RV loaded up for a road trip, your insurance policy assures that you are protected. 

Personal Umbrella

Personal Articles Floater Insurance

Personal umbrella policies are liability policies that provide increased protection for your personal assets.

Homeowner insurance policies have limits on certain personal items such as jewelry, art, and antiques. Many of these items require a separate insurance policy based on an appraised or purchase value.  

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